My Story

The Self identity crisis started haunting me after my first baby, where on one side i was enjoying motherhood (bestest phase of my life) but simultaneously i felt lost and incomplete from within. I didn’t cared much then and forgot myself with baby but, i went through the same struggle after second baby also, by then I had everything the so called society defines as a complete settled life viz. Career, marriage, 2 kids,  but i still felt lost and incomplete from within. I felt burnt out, low in self esteem, low in self confidence.

Women are conditioned to be caretakers. We struggle to see our contribution as something to be compensated for rather than just appreciated.

Somewhere subconsciously, I wanted more, I wanted more from Life. I wanted to explore myself, I wanted to have my own identity, I wanted to find my true passion, I wanted to focus on self care, wanted to have fun with my family, I wanted all of it but was unable to manage it and in quest  of answers i landed to a life coach to know more on life, to know how to create a happy yet balanced abundant life while being  purposeful and ambitious.

My coach taught me how to handle my inner critics, how to overcome procrastination, how to overcome my limiting beliefs and i got clarity on my priorities/goals and created an action plan for myself. I redefined what real happiness meant to me and since then there is No looking back.

Since i went through this Identity crisis twice in my life, that too in postpartum period (after Childbirth) so i discussed it with many of my friends who entered motherhood and got to know that most of us went through this phase. Then i decided to help women who are on a similar journey. I found my purpose, my direction and highway to my dreams (The passionate ME). I spent months on learning and consulted many coaches to get to know different aspects of Life clearly and deeply, attended lots of webinars, and took many courses too and this knowledge along with my lessons from life and inner strength to continue to work on myself has gotten me where i am. I am getting stronger and better everyday and i am happy that i have already made difference to many lives till now and will continue to do the same.

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