“The secret of getting Ahead is getting Started"

Mark Twain

“The best way to Predict the future is to Create it"

Peter Drucker

“On the journey of Life, its ok to STOP and ASK for direction"

List of Few Topics I Discuss



Let me be your Accountability partner and offer you encouragement along the way so you’re focusedon ultimate outcome.


Vision \ Goal Setting

Let us take the first step to self development  and identify what you want to achieve.



Let us work to raise your self-esteem and create positive outlook on life, starting from within.


Focus on Positive

Let me help increase well being to improve performance and achieve valued goal through scientific approach.


Self Discovery

Let me take you to liberating journey of Self-discovery and  help you discover your passion, new insights, perspectives to empower growth.


Self Improvement

Let us focus on increasing your self-awareness while assessing personal challenges and long-standing aspirations.



Let me help you gain better perspective on life by breaking barriers and transforming mindset thus improving sense of contentedness. 


Domestic Majesty

Every women is domestic Goddess by default. Let me share some tips to add more grace to your internal beauty. (Given as bonus to every women).


What Clients Are Saying

"Working with you was a life Changing experience. You helped me discover my passion and pushed me beyond limits to get started with it. You have the ability to connect with people quickly. You are trustworthy, always following up and encouraging throughout the journey."

Nikita Gupta

“Sonali is amazing coach. She is very professional and helped me truly move forward with Life. She offers versatile tools and techniques that can help anyone gain clarity and create next steps while having her support by the side. Every session was eye opening and i saw improvement in myself."

Priyanka Verma

"I only had 4 sessions with her but learned a lot with respect to general work\life balance goals. She is reliable, great listener and really puts you at ease. I greatly appreciate her clear approach in understanding me to core and calendaring my action items so that i don't miss on anything. I am looking forward to work with her again."

Priya Saini

"I met you during the big transition of my life, while i was deciding to be a full time mother from a working mom. You helped me focus on what i am capable of and helped me balancing my work and personal commitments. I highly recommend working with Sonali if you are at a point of transition in life and seek some ones help to take a decision."

ruhi pawar

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